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Bexley council - dishonest, vindictive, criminal

Welcome to Bexley-is-Bonkers
Exposing London’s most secretive council
Revealing their links to the police who protect them

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Bexley council is famed for many things, unfortunately few enhance its reputation. It is high in the league table relating to recycling and the standard collection services it offers its residents are generally good - and that is about as far as it goes.

It pays its senior staff at a rate which puts it 6th on the Tax Payers’ Alliance list and its constant inflation beating tax rises over all but the last three of the past 25 years has taken it from third lowest taxes in London down to 24th position out of 32 in 2012. However the real problem is one of underlying dishonesty. The Bonkers website was started because of one such blatant lie but that proved to be the tip of a vast iceberg. Bexley council is so intent on covering up its history of lies that it has resorted to exploiting every loophole in the law relating to councils that it can discover and in some cases actual criminality. So that you do not have to scour this website for details here are a few highlights from the last handful of years.

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