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Another example of how Bexley Council lies through its teeth
(From a blog dated 4th November 2016)

4 November - Bexley Tories are liars. No doubt about it

From the outset Bexley Council is Bonkers has set out to present facts about Bexley Council, wherever possible providing the background information, documentation and web links that allow the reader to check out the facts for themselves. Had it set out to peddle falsehoods I doubt it would have survived seven years and be read by more than a thousand people every day - sorry, most days.

Bexley Conservatives do not subscribe to that philosophy and yesterday confirmed via their own blog that they are liars through and through.

Yesterday's BiB blog was written over many hours by listening to the recording, one statement at a time and writing down as accurately as I could all of those that seemed relevant to me. Doubters can check everything via Bexley Council’s webcast. I made reference to every statement by every Councillor who spoke during the part of the meeting so far covered. There is therefore little scope for distorting the truth but that is exactly what Bexley Tories have done.

They have published their own report which ranges from the heavily biased to the most outrageous of lies.

Click image for page of (mostly) Tory lies.

At the beginning of the meeting there were four members of the public present, all of them sitting behind the Labour Councillors because the Buffoon does not allow any alternative. They were all people you hear of regularly on BiB. Michael Barnbrook, Elwyn Bryant, John Watson and me. Soon after question time three went home - I could check the time because I recorded their whispered goodbyes - two on the grounds that they couldn't hear and the other just got bored. None of those three are Labour supporters and I was once a member of Erith & Thamesmead Conservative Association.

There were no Labour supporters sitting behind the Labour Councillors at any time, for most of the meeting there was only me. You can check for yourself because the webcast occasionally shows the public gallery. The two other people you might see there are Council Officers from the Committee and Press Offices.

Let me give Bexley Conservatives a much needed tip. You do not attract a loyal readership by pumping out deliberate lies, especially when they are so easily disproved.

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