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The political police will always obey their masters

According to Kent Police reporting any item of news which might make its subject feel uncomfortable is a potentially criminal act and leaves its author “liable to arrest and a night in the cells”.

It matters not whether the news reported is entirely factual. It matters not if the news reported is already in the public domain, neither is the inclusion of documentary evidence to support the news a mitigating factor.

Whether or not the news item is augmented by an opinion piece is of no consequence, news that is negative in any way can according to Kent Police be criminal.

The only relevant factor according to Kent Police is whether or not the truth hurts. If it does they have their victim, the writer of the piece.

Many people will be very relieved to be protected by a police force as stupid as Kent Police appears to be.

At the highest level former Cabinet Member Damian Green can initiate complaints against every national news outlet for reporting the claims of a vengeful retired police officer that a computer used by the Deputy Prime Minister contained images of a pornographic nature.

At the other extreme, every litter lout named and shamed by Bexley Council on its website can ask the police to take action against the Council officer who authorised the publication of their personal details. Those who live in the Swanley police district will find a ready ear attached to PC Brooks (13546). They will find her willing to listen to each and every complaint, whether it has merit or none and leap into action. According to her everyone who is hurt when their name becomes news has a legitimate complaint and the full force of the law must swing into action.

You may think that Kent Police is just a bad joke but while attitudes like theirs prevail no journalist is safe. Only wholly good news can be reported without threat of arrest.

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