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News and Comment April 2016

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8 April - All aboard the gravy train

Bexley Council has joined up with Havering and Newham Councils supposedly to save money. They operate a business known as One Source and it employs eight Directors. As a result, Bexley now has two Directors of Finance, Alison Griffin in Watling Street and Julie Alderson somewhere else.
LinkedInJulie Alderson appears to be one of those female bureacrats who have made a career out of milking the public purse. South Tyneside Council, Boston, South Holland, Scarborough, Kirklees, Harrow, Maldon, North Somerset, Wirral - all in the past 14 years, often for less than a year each. She seems to bear more than a passing resemblance to Bexley’s new Chief Executive, Gill Steward. Ms. Steward acquired a reputation whilst in Cornwall for making merry with travelling expenses. Ms. Alderson is reported in the Daily Express as follows

When she was hired by Kirklees as its interim director of resources, Mrs. Alderson, who lives in Tyneside, was offered a salary equivalent to £120,000 a year and moved into a rented flat at a luxury apartment complex that boasted a swimming pool, gym and Jacuzzi.

She was then allowed to claim expenses towards her rent, council tax, utility bills, parking fees, meals out and groceries. One claim included £11.52 for light bulbs. During her time with the council Mrs. Alderson came up with plans to slash 1,700 jobs and cut the authority’s budget by £80 million.

These council bosses are all from the same mould aren’t they and Bexley really doesn’t need eight more.


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