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News and Comment September 2009

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30 September - Google is our friend

It took four days for Google and Yahoo to find this new site and two more days before the first disgruntled Bexley resident made contact. It’s another case of ask an awkward question and suffer in stony silence. Repeat ad infinitum. I think I shall have to recommend this one is referred to the L.G.O. The repeatedly unanswered question if acted on might save a lot of money and by implication council jobs. The problem with all forms of government and quangos is that they have a vested interest in making work for idle hands to do to protect their salaries and final salary pension schemes which few, if any, others have any more.

Today ten working days have elapsed since my enquiry to Andrew Bashford about the accident two weeks ago. I said if he didn’t reply I was going back to the L.G.O. with another complaint about him. I got a quick reply.

Getting back to Google for a moment, I find it a little amusing that a search for ‘Bexley Politics’ currently takes you straight to my criticism of the local Labour party. I bet they wish they hadn’t asked me to keep their last communication now. It takes a little more perseverance to locate the equivalent Conservative page, but give it time.


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