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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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11 April (Part 1) - Ghost riders

Outline cycling logoI thought this ghostly image of a cyclist on the pavement in Abbey Road, Belvedere was mildly amusing when I photographed it last year but it’s nothing like as funny as the video a Welling resident has posted on YouTube about Bexley council’s (and TfL’s) madcap cycling schemes. Take a look for yourself, it’s hilarious, well it would be if they hadn’t cost you a fortune. The author said he never saw a cyclist while making the video. More ghost riders perhaps?

The same author has done another; this time it illustrates the decline of Welling caused by political decisions. It’s amazing how many people despise Bexley council and everything it stands for. The more critical I am the more support rolls in; probably it is not going too far to say there is widespread hatred for Bexley council. Only once have I received a contrary email and that writer is so obsessed with this site that he accused a contributor to the News Shopper forum who criticised Bexley council of being me! No one else has ever had a good word to say about anything Bexley council has done. On the contrary, one serving councillor congratulated me for “scrupulously accurate” reporting and an ex-councillor said “you are fast becoming the only way to know what’s going on in meetings”. And then there was the councillor who liked Bonkers so much he tried to set up a Bonkers of his own. Absolutely bonkers, but nice to know he cared.


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