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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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3 August (Part 3) - Not biting the hand that feeds it

Commander Dave Stringer, Bexleyheath police (Ex) Commander Tony Dawson, Bexleyheath police “As a newcomer to Bexleyheath you have the opportunity to clean up the relationships with Bexley’s dishonest Council and I look forward to rapid progress on identifying the criminal who set up the obscene blog in my name and confirmation that you have interviewed the Council Leader and the Chief Executive.”

And two weeks after that concluding sentence of an email to Commander Stringer of Bexleyheath police one might be forgiven for thinking that the dubious tradition of Bexleyheath police Commanders being very ready to be at Bexley council’s beck and call but less responsive to the general public is continuing under the new management. Not a word has been heard by way of a response to that email, not even an acknowledgement.

Bexley council has always been very generous with donations of ammunition to be fired back at them at will, all without fear of contradiction. Those pictured on the site banner particularly so…

• Council leader Teresa O’Neill claimed that under her control Bexley had one of the lowest council tax rates in outer London, when we don’t even make the better half, thereby allowing the thought that she finds telling the truth to be an alien concept. The false claim is still on the Bexley Conservatives’ website.
• Councillor Campbell was a director of the Thames Innovation Centre when its board decided that it shouldn’t sack a paedophile manager from a position that sometimes brought him into contact with children, but that it was best to let him continue for seven months before, on his own initiative, he decided to resign and leave with a job reference. Campbell has also been an enthusiast for curtailing the use of the Freedom of Information Act to ensure greater levels of council secrecy.
• Councillor Peter Craske will always be remembered for various statements at council meetings which weren’t truthful and for coming up with justifications for imposing huge increases to parking costs without any means of accounting for them.
• Michael Tarrant is the tyrant councillor who defended the prosecution of residents whose refuse bins were vandalised with no evidence whatever that they were themselves at fault. Recent government guidance has been that minor infringements of refuse regulations are not appropriate for prosecution and only major fly-tipping incidents should be pursued.
• Councillor Philip Read cannot deny that he was stupid enough to buy the internet domain and Tweet nonsense about his MP and insult residents.
• Councillor Katie Perrior pleaded poverty in a letter to a local newspaper when she is founder and director of one of London’s top PR companies and is forever condemned as a hypocrite.
• Councillor John Davey cannot deny he was behind a planning stunt involving temporary election offices and parked Conservative Party websites on the Bexley Arts Council web space.

Extract from letter to Ian ClementSuch facts and many others have been a boon whenever it has been necessary to illustrate how Bexley council is prepared to lie and confuse. Perhaps Commander Stringer is determined to offer a similar level of assistance.

Another embarrassing fact is that an earlier Bexleyheath police Commander, Tony Dawson, was in hock to Bexley council because of the hospitality heaped upon him by the previous council leader Ian Clement. (See inset panel). Accepting hospitality was one of the things that led to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation. Maybe it is why Commander Tony Dawson isn’t around any more. It is looking increasingly likely that it will soon be possible to state that his successor allowed three months to go by and achieved nothing towards solving a crime so heavily laden with clues that even his most junior detective could have done so if the political shackles had been lifted. The inevitable conclusions will be drawn.

Images : Commander Dave Stringer. Commander Tony Dawson. Extract from letter to ex-council leader Ian Clement. Click it for complete letter.


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