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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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12 August - One broke the law, the other wants to

Ian Clement and Katie Perrior I switched on the TV just after 21:30 this evening and who should be filling the screen but councillor Katie Perrior, the one who claims she couldn’t afford to be a councillor if it wasn’t for her £22k. allowance because of the cost of child care, so how she could justify being on Sky News late at night I have no idea. With her was Stephen Pound, MP for Ealing North. At the moment I tuned in the discussion was about Wandsworth council issuing an eviction notice to a woman whose son has been charged with violent disorder in Clapham. Mr. Pound explained how it could never happen because the law did not allow it whatever the council might say. Ms. Perrior maintained all the integrity and honesty for which Bexley council is renowned; she said on national TV, “Councils must find a way around the law”. Whatever one’s views on whether eviction is a sensible policy or not, Perrior neatly sums up Bexley council, she thinks evading the law is the thing to do.

She went on to implore viewers to “shop people who are ripping off the state”. I think I know what she meant but bearing in mind what Bexley council tax payers are being ripped off for by Bexley councillors, I couldn’t suppress a wry smile.

The picture is of Ian Clement, one time leader of Bexley council, now a convicted fraudster and Katie Perrior, another politician ready to trample all over the law of the land.


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