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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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23 August - Councillor Craske - making more enemies

“When the rebellion reaches a certain tipping point the evil dictator is finished.” William Hague the Foreign Secretary said that or something very like it on Sky News earlier this evening and my mind switched from Tripoli to somewhere not so far away, so once again I’ll let another rebel have their say about our own local tyrant…

I would like to join the growing army of people, objecting with their steering wheels to payment of parking fees by telephone. I shall also now simply take myself off to Bluewater with its all-day free parking, entertainment, banking, excellent shopping etc. etc. I see from the notices that have appeared in the local streets that one can receive confirmation of payment “by e-mail”. I consider myself well up-to-date with current technology but I absolutely refuse to receive the internet on my mobile phone as it is so expensive. How else are they going to send the e-mails referred to on one of their signs as an alternative to SMS? I suppose we should be grateful they are not using an 08xx number from which they can generate unlimited revenue!! (and which costs a fortune from a mobile) or is that too close to giving Craske ideas?

You have my total support for your website and consider THAT LETTER to be nothing more than a complete waste of time, money and public resources. The police obviously have nothing better to do than send out stupid letters like that!!

For the record, Bexleyheath police never did respond to any enquiry about the Harassment Letter either from me or their own Professional Standards Directorate. I suppose that confirms that Commander Stringer’s outfit is not professional. If I had to guess, I would point the finger at Craske for leaning on the police and providing the site with such a welcome boost to its hit rate. Whilst allowing yet another reader to write the blog I wasn’t entirely idle, I made up a Craske Catalogue as a permanent record of his problems in the truth department.


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