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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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18 December - The amazing case of the disappearing Bexley councillor blogs

Taylor and HuntIf you have read last Friday’s blog the images below will require little explanation. Google for ‘’ and note that councillor Taylor’s blog has disappeared, though like councillor Hunt’s it remains in Google’s cache.

It’s an amazing set of coincidences (†). One small suggestion to Chief Superintendent Stringer that he should check in certain places and Bexley council’s obscene blog, James Hunt’s and Chris Taylor’s all go down the pan together. The reason is hard to fathom, perhaps the fairies did it.

I’m beginning to think I am a far better detective than any to be found in Arnsberg Way. The two faces featured in the ‘carousel’ above (placed there a month ago) were not chosen at random. If the Bonkers team can nose out interesting facts, how come Chief Superintendent Stringer with all the resources at his command manages to do nothing in six months? Maybe he doesn’t want to look, but that would be perverting the course of justice - so there must be some other reason; mustn’t there?

† A coincidence is just that. There is no real evidence that it is anything else.

Chris Taylor’s blog
Google search results
Chris Taylor’s blog removed


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