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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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29 December - Where’s Melvin Seymour (Bexley’s favoured decorator) when you need him?
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Goal posts Goal posts Goal postsWhen’s the best time to paint the goal posts at a sports ground? In the summer when they are down and in storage? I would have thought so, you may have thought so, but Bexley council had other ideas. They waited until the playing season was well under way before sending their contractor to the St. Mary’s Recreation Ground, off Bourne Road, Bexley. The rugby posts were a particular problem, most people know that they are beyond the reach of a simple step ladder. The painter tried getting on the roof of his van, then he tied his brush to a broom handle while perching on the roof of his van. Good job the Health & Safety brigade didn't see him.

The result of his efforts may be seen here. If your screen is not reasonably well calibrated ‘the join’ may not be very visible, try the larger versions. The horrible grey skies of recent days did not help.

For newcomers who may not know who Melvin Seymour is… Click here.


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