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Bonkers Blog February 2011

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15 February - The liar Craske again - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Liar, liar, pants on fire Last November councillor Peter Craske prevaricated at a council meeting to avoid answering a question from a member of the public. To round it off he denied the existence of a £4m. contract with the transport consultants Parsons Brinckerhoff and made personal comments about the questioner that gave me the impression they could only be designed to belittle him. A complaint about his behaviour was pre-judged by our arrogant Mayor before the Standards Board had a chance to meet so they were almost compelled to support the liar. After that judgement the minutes of the November meeting were published and exposed Craske’s untruthfulness. He said that there was “a correlation” between his unnecessary remarks and the question but the minutes proved that to be a lie so the complaint went back to the council’s Standards Board under the appeals procedure.

Craske has had to make up a new story. As I rather thought would be the case he has been let off lying about there being no £4m. contract because it isn’t exactly £4m. It is going to work out at £3,999,999 or some similar as yet unknown figure. His attempt to belittle the questioner is also said to be in order because what he said was factually correct. The questioner once stood as an independent in a council election and came bottom of the poll. True, but it had no relevance to the matter in hand. Craske’s previous excuse was the “correlation”, now, discredited by the minutes, his excuse at appeal is entirely different. He wanted “to illustrate, by way of contrast, that in their respective wards the electorate had selected him and not Mr. Bryant to represent them”. So it would seem that anyone not elected is not a fit person to ask legitimate questions in Craske’s corrupt little world and fair game for abuse if he sees fit. Every time he opens his mouth he proves himself a bigger cretin.

Personally speaking I couldn’t care less what excuse the Standards Board comes up with, I have become immune in some ways to Bexley council’s corruption and dishonesty. The fact they’ve had to champion a totally different excuse for Craske’s behaviour after their first was discredited is just more evidence of their corruption and grist for my mill. The councillors responsible for this cover up are John Fuller (Lesnes Abbey) and Nick O’ Hare (Blendon & Penhill). Another two I now know to be more interested in protecting their own than their electors. My understanding is that the Standards Board for England has already been consulted on this case and has recommended the Council Ombudsman be involved too.


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