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Bonkers Blog February 2011

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22 February - Blackfen Library; another work of genius

PCNs issuedFollowing the report a few days ago about the Bexley Central Library comment has come in from Blackfen suggesting the same council genius has been at work there too. I don’t know Blackfen well except that it is regularly attacked by Craske’s gestapo team and he has reduced the parking facilities there to penalise motorists as much as he can, but apparently Blackfen Library used to be an imposing 1930s building behind The Oval in Cedar Avenue and free of any parking problems. The roads were quiet enough for youngsters to be allowed to visit the library without having to be accompanied by an adult.

This was far too sensible and convenient for the powers that be in Bexley to allow to continue. They insisted that the library be moved to the busiest stretch of road they could find in Blackfen, in a converted shop with minimal parking provision nearby. The converted shop/library is almost opposite SE Tyres who have suffered so much at the hands of councillor Craske. Probably a financial savings case was contrived in order to justify the move complete with a bogus consultation exercise. Then of course there is the extra income stream to be generated by trapping unwary motorists via the tactics reported so many times before.

Maybe the decision was taken before his time but with a distinguished historian in charge of libraries in the borough you would think that old buildings might be given more respect than a visit by a wrecker’s ball. Ah, that was probably it; a Balls up by the last bunch of incompetents that we were fool enough to put in charge. The old library site is now occupied by a block of flats.


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