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Bonkers Blog January 2011

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19 January - Ladies and Gentlemen; this man is taking the pee - click any image for photo gallery (2 images)

Ladies Gentlemen Gareth BaconBuried deeply in Bexley council’s Strategy 2014 document is a proposal from councillor Gareth Bacon for “Closure and sale of Townley Road public convenience and Bexley Village public convenience”. He says that depriving residents of a vital service is “Value for money”. It’s a stupid phrase that means nothing in this context. On the same basis you might say that closing the Civic Centre represents “Value for money” too. The withdrawal of this vital service is said to save £40,000, enough to fund the Bacon household’s expenses claims for nearly five months.

A correspondent put a frightening thought into my mind a few days ago by posing an interesting question. It was in essence, “Do you think that council corruption, dishonesty and incompetence is confined to Craske’s departments?” I was then given an insight into how Bexley’s social services operate. The story involved the near death of someone in need of constant care and attention who should have got it from Bexley council but didn’t and then of course the inevitable lying involved in trying to cover it all up. Unfortunately it is never likely to be possible to report such cases in detail because without being closely involved the whole truth is difficult to get at and it is more likely than not that a council as vindictive and bloody-minded as Bexley would seek revenge against the vulnerable ‘patient’ and their families. From my only contact with Bexley’s social services I know that punishing the most vulnerable members of society figures highly among their priorities.


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