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Bonkers Blog January 2011

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22 January - Another illustration of Craske’s preference for vengeance and spite over commonsense - click any image for photo gallery (4 images)

Road clear of obstructions Parking notice Hole on Greenwich side of the roadWilton Road, Abbey Wood lying within two boroughs sometimes provides an interesting contrast between Greenwich and Bexley councils. It last featured here on 11 October last year when the gas main was renewed on the Greenwich side of the road. This week the Bexley main was due to be dug up and not unnaturally notices went two Saturdays ago banning all parking from 10 January to 4 February. However as the first photo taken today shows there has been no loss of parking spaces and that is because the contractor dug holes in the Greenwich section instead. (Photo 3.) However Bexley continues to enforce parking restrictions and has sent in its gestapo team four times a day every day for a week issuing parking tickets to every car parked on its side of Wilton Road despite no harm being done to anyone.

The notices are fixed to movable plastic barriers at a level low enough to be easily obscured by parked vehicles and anyone spotting one might be forgiven for thinking they had been moved by pranksters from the other side of the road where their presence might be more logical. Any reasonable council would have removed or re-dated their notices, but Bexley is not a reasonable council, it is filled with corruption and hatred. There can be no reason for enforcing restrictions where there is no need whatsoever other than to raise as much revenue as possible and do as much damage as possible to the few remaining shops in the road. As is so often the case when hatred and unreasonableness comes to the fore it is councillor Craske who proves to be the tyrant responsible.


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