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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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13 July - Another night of fun and farce at the Civic Centre

The Bonkers’ post-council meeting discussion kept me away from the computer until 11 p.m.; far too late for blogging a full council meeting but an unsolicited email from someone (who I have not met) who had gone straight home to his keyboard provides an alternative view of some of this evening’s events.

Police car parked illegallyWhen I turned up at the Civic buildings there was a car parked directly outside, next to a sign that said, ‘No parking at any time’, on double yellow lines, with chevrons on the kerb, blocking a lowered section of said kerb. It was a police car and it was not on an emergency call. One law for them etc. Councillor Alan Deadman, what a dickhead, abusing a member of the public nervously flustered under questioning. Mayor Sams, in the immortal words of the ‘Two Ronnies’, just a stuttering bum.

‘Biffa’ Bailey, what can you say? Demanding the quoted 25% figure for land affected by the proposed building on Riverside Gardens, Erith be changed to 11%. I was at one of the re-generation meetings and witnessed councillors dishing up **** and pretending it was sugar. They were trying to promote the idea that their plan would be beneficial to the locals because there would be more space available after they had built the multi-story buildings and, wait for it, “an outdoor volleyball court”. Don’t they know this is Erith, not Australia? The extra space they were claiming was comprised of walkways, nothing more nothing less. No open spaces and In other words, total bull****.

As the above indicates, Bexley council again decided they needed police and a couple of hired security men to protect them from a few mainly elderly residents.


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