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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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30 July - It’s the end of the month already

I never feel it’s worth writing anything important at the end of the month with a new blog about to overtake the current one, and with this month’s end falling at a weekend and me feeling lazy I shall award myself a short break during which I offer only a few words from the last two days’ postbag.

• Bexley council is not my favourite organisation, but I didn't know they were SO bad - bit of an eye opener.
• I don't think there is another council in the UK which has so many dodgy events that have been connected to it.
• Great news on that petition. Where do we sign?
• Came across your site by accident, have spent a really enjoyable hour here. Very interesting stuff.
• Brilliant reporting. I follow your blog regularly.
• I don't know how you maintain your patience in the face of such hostility.
• Keep up the good work.

I do try to answer all emails but there have been a few occasions recently when I have fallen behind by several days if not a bit longer. If anyone does not get a reply within 48 hours, excluding weekends, please don’t hesitate to resend, as it is quite possible I have overlooked it.


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