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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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2 June - Newsreel

It’s been one of those days when the phone keeps ringing and the email comes pouring in. There have been three journalists in touch within the last 24 hours and one day Bexley council will work its way up to the top of their story list. So today I belatedly present one of my occasional Newsreels and lack of time prohibits anything more comprehensive.

Local Newspapers

The Chronicle series is still pursuing councillor Katie Perrior the almost penniless councillor struggling to manage on her miserable £22,000 from Bexley council and her Director’s fees from being co-founder of one of London’s top PR Agencies. My heart bleeds for her.

The News Shopper brings you the story of a parking fine for a six second stop. Bexley council bleats on about how their CCTV cars are preventing accidents outside schools but this vehicle momentarily stopped outside school hours. Notomob have been analysing the economics of CCTV surveillance and why the number of penalties issued for parking outside schools may have fallen. I’ll see if they will give permission to reproduce it here, but the basic message is that it’s all about raising revenue and there are more effective ways of reducing the possibility of accidents.

Subject Access Request

There has been a small movement with my request and I shall be sending the council some more information to make their job easier. There has been no movement at all on my complaint to the police about my harassment warning, they seem to not want to talk about their collusion with Bexley council which is not much of a surprise.

Bexley’s website and the TIC

The council has taken to attempting to counter bad publicity by putting up an article on its website every time the papers or the blogs take them to task - well you can’t blame them for trying.

One of these was for The Thames Innovation Centre (TIC) which has been swallowing tax payers’ cash at an alarming rate ever since it opened in 2006 - a year earlier than the council currently admits to. As well as providing the Centre with lots of money it has been putting business its way to help it make a profit. It may even do so if they keep it up. Quite a lot has been written about the money guzzling TIC elsewhere but I don’t think anyone has mentioned the freebies showered on it by our ever-benevolent council…

• 2 tables and 8 comfy chairs £7,339.98
• 11 Desks £14,880.00
• 130 office chairs £26,970.00
• 2 Sofas £2,788.00
• 9 Seats £2,493.00
• Storage units £17,085.00
• 6 Bespoke one off tables and 6 bespoke sideboards £24,327.00
• Board table £1,250.00
• 10 book shelves £2,524.00
For the ‘Servery’
• 6 Coffee tables and 30 chairs £6,991.50
• 4 Sofas £3,576.00
• 9 Seats £2,493.00

Nice of them eh? They bought lots of shiny new computer gear too.

News is coming in of the council’s legal department’s shenanigans over the TIC whistleblowing, paedophilia and sacking affair which I hope to report here as soon as I can get my head around the complexities.

Councillors’ Addresses

I had planned to edit the list of ‘Home’ addresses when the council supplied the Consent to Nomination Forms but it seems they decided to destroy them all, so the full list of properties in which councillors have an interest must remain as it is.

Democracy Bexley style

The last mayor tried to excuse her ban on recording council meetings by saying residents could ask for permission. She rejected the three or possibly four requests made in her time. The new mayor has done the same.

Under the new Constitution it is almost impossible to ask a question of the council. Personally I won’t be bothering any more; there are more effective ways of exposing this council, but I am hearing from others with greater persistence that the questions are being rejected as expected. This lying council encourages the view that Bexley is one of the few that allows questions when only seven don’t. In practice Bexley council might as well be number eight.

Bexley Council’s blog

Philip Read on TwitterNew material has appeared on the council approved obscene and libellous blog. I say council approved because they must know or be able to find out who is responsible and have done nothing about it. It may be worth repeating that the only person who should have known I was at the Civic Offices was the Head of Members’ Services and when I wandered into the Cinema car park no one could possibly know who I was apart from some councillors and a very few officials. Yet hours later I am all across their blog.

I have been asked who did it and the answer is I don’t know. I do know of someone who…

• Showed an interest in the net by registering the domain name
• Was very active on Twitter until the 20th May when he suddenly stopped. The obscene blog appeared the same day.
• Twittered about two or more residents and taunt his MP Teresa Pearce more than once with inaccurate slurs.
• Someone with a wife who works very closely indeed with the Head of Member Services.

…but I don’t know who is behind the new blog because Google blogs won’t reveal the author and takes no responsibility for the content. So further speculation is pointless.

I don’t know what Read means by the alleged untruth about himself. (See image.) There is not a shadow of doubt he bought the domain, it has his name and address on it. He has admitted being married to Eva on Twitter. He definitely lied to the News Shopper about Teresa Pearce because it is not difficult to trace an MP’s official movements and whether or not they skipped a debate, and I confirmed everything with the House of Commons. And that’s all there is about Philip Read on this web site - I ran a search utility. If there is anything inaccurate on Bonkers it gets changed. One councillor at least knows that.

I don’t intend to return to the subject of the council’s blog very often. If you need a link there is one on the Blog Index.


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