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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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4 June (Part 1) - While corruption and dishonesty reign, simple incompetence continues

A lady who walks down Townley Road every day has been keeping me informed of changes King Craske has been quietly making down there. At the end of March she reported that contractors installed new poles bearing signs reading ‘No Parking Mon-Sat 0800-1830’. The old signs on lamp posts bearing the times ‘0830-1730’ remained in place as did the 0830-1730 signs at the boundary of the Controlled Parking Zone. I was asked if I knew what was going on but I perused the list of new parking regulations for surreptitious mission creep in Townley Road in vain.

Ten days later a further report said the new signs had all disappeared leaving just the poles. Two months on and the lady is back… She says that last Thursday the contractors returned and the new and unused poles were removed.

I can’t help wondering if the pole removal is in some way connected to the big fee reduction for lap dancing clubs. If the council decided that the only way the Thames Innovation Centre was ever likely to make a profit was to encourage legal sexual entertainment rather than the sort it tolerated before, they could shower it with more free gifts recently reclaimed from Townley Road.


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