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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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12 June (Part 1) - Secrecy comes as standard

Sawyer search boxThere was a meeting of Bexley council’s Standards Committee last Thursday evening; I was unable to go but a couple of my colleagues did. It started late because councillor Alex Sawyer was said to be stuck in traffic, well the journey from Witham can be difficult, and when it did eventually start, the public, consisting of just two people, were thrown out. So much for it being a public meeting!

From what could be seen a kangaroo court had been set up to ‘try’ councillor Munir Malik for ‘crimes’ unknown. He was represented by a Labour Party official solicitor, at least that is what things looked like. Before the ceremonial eviction of the public took place one of our number asked councillor Malik if he would be happy for the public to stay. He said he had no objections but this cut no ice with the Committee, councillor Malik’s alleged misdemeanour will have to remain secret. What did the Committee need to hide that Munir didn’t? It’s yet another example of Bexley council’s enthusiasm for keeping the public well away from its questionable policies and operations.


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