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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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15 June (Part 1) - Don’t let the buggers get you down Mr. Brokenshire

I picked up from Arthur Pewty’s Erith based blog the fact that the Neighbourhood Watch’s AGM had to finish in a hurry because of Bexley’s newly imposed all hours car parking charges. What I didn’t know until one of the attendees told me is that their principal speaker, Mr. Brokenshire MP for Bexley and government minister, didn’t get out of the meeting quite quickly enough and found his Merc freshly ticketed by Craske’s mean crew. I can only imagine how poor James felt; councillors park for free but not MPs. May I suggest to Mr. Brokenshire that he tells Tippett that he checked Bexley council’s website for the parking regulations and assumed that Craske would be telling the truth. He won’t make that mistake again. The following was extracted from today.

Parking regulations

From information kindly provided by ‘Arthur’ and Andrew.


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