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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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21 June - Armed Forces Day - The big guns went AWOL

Paratroop Regiment InspectionYesterday morning Bexley council staged its small celebration of Armed Forces Day outside the Civic Centre. A couple of the Bonkers team went to show support dressed in veterans’ military attire; blazers, badges, regimental ties; that sort of thing. I couldn’t attend myself because I was at that very moment in a hospital operating theatre (†) and I don’t think my uniform would fit me any more. (Photo left, no prizes for guessing which is me.)

Council leader Teresa O’Neill and Chief Executive William J. Tuckley were there to make sure their faces appeared in any news coverage that might follow. I’m told they were looking remarkably glum, one can only guess why; it wasn’t a Remembrance Day Parade. New mayor Ray Sams was also present.

After the outdoor events the veterans and others retired inside the Civic Centre for a natter and a cup of tea; nothing elaborate, just tea and a biscuit. Mayor Sams went around socialising as you might expect but of O’Neill and Tuckley there was no sign at all. It was all very reminiscent of their failure to show at the meet the people stunts last year. Meeting the public is dangerous, someone might ask a question.

† Nothing serious, they won’t silence Bonkers that easily!


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