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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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30 June (Part 1) - Plod’s plodding pace

V for VendettaIt is more than eleven weeks since someone, presumably a councillor with something to hide and without the intelligence to work out that his actions would increase the readership massively, asked Bexleyheath police to get this website closed down under threat of arrest if I continued with it. Since then I have continued to write about Bexley council and the police have done nothing. They have also done absolutely nothing about my complaint that the police were being used by a council bent on clamping down on open democracy and that the police were helping the cowards to remain anonymous. The Metropolitan Police’s Directorate of Professional Standards say they are monitoring the situation which I believe means they have put the file on one side until something happens. I was promised a phone call seven weeks ago and the DPS promised the same again last Monday but nothing happens.

It is more than three weeks since I reported a crime, apparently by someone at Bexley council, to Bexleyheath police and as nothing had been heard after two weeks (23rd June) I wrote to the Deputy Commander as follows…

I made a report on 8th June of some developments that indicated a crime carried out by someone closely associated with Bexley Council and you issued the above crime number. Since then the Chief Executive of the Council (Will Tuckley) has advised me that he also thinks on the evidence provided that a crime has been committed and has told me he has also been in contact with Bexley police, presumably at a senior level.

Part of the evidence indicated that I and a friend had been tracked on a visit to the Civic Offices and that at least two such visits were ‘blogged’ on a website within hours of the event in objectionable terms that were detailed on the 8th June. Mr. Chris Loynes of Bexley Council arranged one of the ‘blogged’ visits so he should be a primary source of information, as should Mr. Tuckley as the content of the website was deleted immediately after I told him about it.

In the past two weeks it should have been possible to conduct investigations given the amount of clues and leads provided. I would be grateful if you would tell me of the progress you have made towards bringing the culprit to justice.

It was my intention to write again today to indicate that I wasn’t prepared to let the issue of the obscene blog drag on as has happened with the Harassment Letter and go to the Independent Police Complaints Commission next week but while I was in Ashford my colleague Elwyn Bryant who was also named in the obscene blog sought a progress report by telephone. Getting hold of the police by telephone is near impossible which is why I long ago stopped reporting petty crimes and Elwyn was on and off the phone for two days listening to ringing tone and being bounced from pillar to post and waiting for call backs that never came. However eventually an Inspector called and helpfully offered to look at the file in order to give Elwyn a little feedback. He found the file was marked ‘Restricted’ and access forbidden so no real information was forthcoming. At least there is one Inspector who did what he could.

Marking a file ‘Restricted’ may indicate the crime is being taken seriously - or is it part of a cover-up to protect a guilty party within Bexley council? The inaction over the Harassment Letter and the refusal to name the accuser does not augur well, but maybe the new Commander will come to recognise that not all is well at Bexley council. His officers have been asked to speak to Martin Peaple who the council now admit broke no law, they were called out to protect councillors from a handful of pensioners, they have been asked to prevent motorcyclists entering the Civic Centre because one wanted to wear a V for Vendetta mask and they were told of an incident involving councillor Linda Bailey. Almost every week he reads about Bexley council acting stupidly in the News Shopper, he must wonder what on earth is going on in this rotten borough.

This morning I received a letter from the police…

Your allegation is being investigated by officers from Bexleyheath police station. As I am sure you can appreciate the nature of the allegation requires the use of a data specialist. This unfortunately is a thorough process and can take some time to achieve th ebest evidence.

Although you have not been updated as to the progress of the investigation you can be assured that when there are matters to be disclosed, you will be contacted.

Yes I can appreciate that the case requires a data specialist so I suppose patience is called for - but not for ever and not if it turns out to be a white-wash.


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