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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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7 March (Part 2) - Admiring glances

Do you know why Boris Johnson chose Teresa O’Neill to be his Advisor on Outer Borough Relations? No? Neither does Boris really, he just has this feeling of “admiration for councillor O’Neill’s experience, common sense and judgment when it comes to matters affecting outer London”. Is he serious? Did he compare her performance with other councillors and leaders scattered around the capital and how they must feel about being passed over? Do you wonder how our Fat Controller (FC) managed to triumph over all the rival candidates? Then wonder no more. Boris didn’t hold any sort of interview or selection process when he chose the FC. He just admired her. Maybe he needs to keep her on side because of the Ian Clement affair, the FC managed to avoid doing the decent thing about his little fiddles in Bexley and got away with it but Boris got caught out. Hers is a skill worth its weight in gold to a politician. Boris has something of a track record for casting admiring glances at females who come within his grasp. How do you rate his chances with this one? I reckon he has taken on more than he could chew.

Quotations and facts taken from the reply to a Freedom of Information request to the Mayor’s Office.


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