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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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9 March (Part 2) - Death of democracy

I understand that after I left last week’s meeting and the powers-that-be realised that Twankey’s rule breaking and the ridiculing of and gesturing at the public had gone down on tape - not to mention TLC’s neon glow, there was a bit of a commotion when they tried to get hold of it. This week I believe that our secretive council doesn’t want to risk their antics becoming more public than they have to so they have summoned plod. I had guessed they might involve their friends. Friends so close that they couldn’t bring themselves to tell them about Ian Clement’s not-so-little financial fiddles. The council website still says they haven’t got all the money back yet. But I digress…

My information is that the police are going to be at the Civic Centre tonight (19:30) and plod will hide from protesters in the car park. Another inside story is that councillors have been advised to remove name badges and parking permits so as to not be singled out for attention. Not sure I believe that last bit, I’ve never seen a name badge on a councillor yet and I don’t know who is planning a protest. All we have had by way of protestors so far is disability campaigners, the Equality and Diversity people and one of two book-worms worried about libraries. Not what I would call a threat. But if our councillors think a man with a video camera at a public meeting is a threat then perhaps you can get some idea of the depth of corruption they are trying to cover up.

May I ask that anyone thinking of attending this evening’s meeting does not play the council’s game? The best way of bringing down the charlatans who run Bexley council is to ruthlessly expose them at every opportunity, through questioning, complaints and publicity. Don’t give these grinning apes the satisfaction of seeing someone taken away by the thugs in blue.


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