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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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9 March (Part 4) - They don’t like it up ‘em

If you thought yourself to be God’s gift to chairmanship and found yourself demonstrating the contrary to a public gathering most people might begin to kick themself for it. But maybe if you were sufficiently lacking in intellect to not know when to stop digging you would try to kick the gathering instead. Which is what mayor Val Clark did last Wednesday. She threw her weight around by trashing council Standing Orders and curtailed public question time.

In days gone by a corrupt council may have got away with that and relied on a straight denial to shield wrong-doing from a wider audience but video-man has seen an end to that sort of dishonesty; so where to next? First call plod to subsequent meetings in case there is an attempt to expose the pantomime dame’s dishonesty again; then lash out at those who tried to bring her to account.

This morning’s post delivered a letter from Twankey to those who asked questions at last Wednesday’s meeting about their “persistent disregard of my request” to cease their address to council. If it happens again “I will not hesitate to exercise my discretion in limiting your participation in the meeting”. The sheer effrontery of the woman who had just trashed democracy and thinks it is right to send letters to tell concerned residents that if they persist in bringing her ‘error’ to public attention she will have them barred is beyond parody. I am inclined to think that it is proof of her stupidity that she didn’t think her letter would appear here within hours of its delivery. Is she totally brain-dead?

But that isn’t all…

Twankey’s letter goes on to say “I wish to place on record my profound disappointment of your behaviour during the Civic Reception Awards. At best, your appreciation towards the recipients of the awards was parsimonious in contrast to other persons present in the Council Chamber, in my opinion this behaviour was disrespectful to those who contributed significantly to the community”. This really takes the biscuit. Let’s examine a few facts…

The council’s website said a council meeting would start at 19:30. Normally access is granted from before 19:00. This time a large number of mainly elderly people were kept outside in the cold until 19:20. When we got inside we found attendees of the council meeting were herded to the back of the chamber while an unannounced awards ceremony took place. If the mayor had any respect for the long serving award winners she would have provided them with their own event away from placard waving protestors and provided an official photographer. Twankey has no respect for any citizen worthy or not.

Those awaiting the council meeting did not expect to find themselves sitting through an awards ceremony because none was scheduled. Twankey showed disrespect to them too. If they were not as enthusiastic about the awards as the friends and family of those taking part, what else does she expect? They probably wouldn’t have even been there apart from the total cock-up the mayor made of scheduling. I was sitting next to two of the people who have received these rude and unthinking letters from the mayor and saw them clapping. I noted it because I had my head in the evening’s agenda and wasn’t and felt I had to join in. What were we supposed to do apart from clap, jump up and down and sing ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’? The mayor is a complete and utter twit, just what does she think she is playing at complaining about someone not clapping loud enough at an event where they shouldn’t have been present anyway? Twit doesn’t really sum her up does it? It’s beyond belief but at least it proves she knows who to watch in the audience and that such people must be making an impression. They were half hidden in the back row!

Maybe she is a desperate woman frightened about what may be revealed next. My phone line has been quite hot with scandal today; I’ve not seen the evidence of one report yet but I have been promised a sight of it soon. It concerns someone who made a persistent complaint and was sent veiled written threats from the council’s legal department as to what would happen if he continued. Eventually the complainer secured a meeting with council officials. On his way in an employee who had remembered who was paying him drew him to one side. “Be careful, they are out to get you” and “for goodness sake remember your wife’s wellbeing too”. What is this borough like? How far will they go with their cover-ups? How long before plod changes sides?


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