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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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13 March (Part 1) - Councillors powerless - and a school lays obstacles in front of a disabled mother

Bedonwell SchoolIt is about time I gave an update on the plight of the disabled lady I have been escorting to school for the last two weeks. Nothing useful has happened since I gave her the names of her three local councillors and she phoned councillor John Fuller (Lesnes Abbey, £9,543). Councillor Fuller emailed back a week ago (a caring person would have returned the phone call don’t you think?) to say there was nothing to be done at present and left the impression he would be back with something more constructive. I assumed he was going to have a word with Bedonwell School governor and fellow ward councillor John Davey, (Lesnes Abbey, £9,543 + £7,782 from the Bexley Care Trust) but apparently not. But Davey in my experience is pretty useless as a councillor, he is the reason why this website exists. I bet his fellow councillors love him for that.

Is there any good news? Well possibly. It seems that bus drivers are as frightened of cameras as Moneybags, Twankey and the Fat Controller are, except that bus drivers getting over-zealous about a buggy on a one stop ride immediately change their minds whereas the Fat Controller is going to need a ton of bricks dropped on her from Whitehall and Westminster before she and her police minders accept that, in the words of an email from Westminster, “Bexley is dragged into the 21st century”. That man has spoken, will he act?

If you click on the picture you may read the disabled lady’s story. For a more permanent link the page is available from the site’s main pages via the Services menu - ‘Disabilities issues’.


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