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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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15 March (Part 3) - Purple Pygmy porkies?

Albert Road, BexleyAmong several other ill-judged comments he made on 17th November 2010 was councillor Craske’s assertion that he would have the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Albert Road, Bexley removed “tomorrow”; but he didn’t. Nick Dowling asked him why he did nothing. Craske’s fulsome answer was “One of the St. Mary’s Ward Councillors has carried out a survey of Albert Road residents, asking them if they support Mr. Dowling’s campaign to remove the zone”. That’s it; and we pay him £22,650 for intelligent responses like that! For a start, Nick has never campaigned for removal of any CPZ, he has campaigned for Craske to provide plausible figures to justify the price increase. Craske has never got near to doing that, frequently answering questions that haven’t been asked.

Several questions arise from Craske’s dishonest response‚Ķ

a) Why does the councillor have to be anonymous? Does he really exist?
b) What questions did he ask, if any, when carrying out this survey?
c) Where is the formal report and conclusions following the survey and what did it say?

Those questions and more are now on Craske’s desk.

One of the things that Craske accused Nick of on 17th November was orchestrating the residents of Albert Road into making many separate complaints. That is true, Nick leafleted the entire street and provided a pro-forma complaint. We are asked to believe that following the survey not one resident of Albert Road thought to say “Guess what Nick, the council asked if I wanted to keep the parking zone”. It could be that they are an unfriendly lot and no one could be bothered to tip Nick off, or it could be Craske’s survey is a figment of his fertile imagination. History stacks the odds very firmly in one direction.


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