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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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16 March (Part 2) - The News Shopper

The News ShopperOur local press seems to be doing a pretty good job of ‘Shopping’ Bexley’s dishonest council. Today’s Shopper does a nice job on last Wednesday’s council meeting, the one where the CRIMs inside the building tried unsuccessfully to make criminals of those outside and ride rough-shod through government guidance. The Shopper included all the essentials, the cries of “Rubbish”, the reference to “fag packets” by the imbecile councillor Taylor but not the cry of “Tosser” unjustifiably directed at councillor Malik. The front page didn’t refer to mayor Twankey’s inability to follow her handbook, Citrine’s ABC of Chairmanship, but on Page 7 her fiddling of question time was noted. All good stuff for heaping further opprobrium on our numbskull mayor.

On the letters page we have Teresa Pearce MP giving the lie to councillor Philip Read’s false assertions about her. Teresa may find it difficult to get through Read’s thick skull, he’s Northumberland Heath’s village idiot and does stupid things for a hobby; like registering an internet domain indicating the council of which he is a member is ‘Bonkers’. Which it is, as Mrs. Willoughby of Sidcup has found to her cost. (Shopper Page 2.)

I’ve always thought that unsecured refuse bins make any enforcement of the rules and regulations difficult. When I put my bin out on a Thursday evening with almost nothing in it I very often find it full before 7 a.m. next morning. It’s a potential problem for me but what can I do about it? Similarly only half the people living near me are gardeners so those that are use neighbour’s bins that would otherwise be empty. Some of the rubbish even comes from out of the borough; who can check on that or stop it while the bin lids are so easily lifted?

So Mrs. Willoughby’s rubbish was found in Sidcup Place and she lives in Victoria Road. Anyone could have taken it there, it’s quite a distance for a bag to migrate, even if helped by an undernourished fox. Barmy Bexley officials who rummaged through Mrs. W’s black bag jumped to the conclusion that she had tossed it into the street half a mile from her home and dished out a fine of £130. By what right do they accuse her? Until the bins have lockable lids nobody can be sure who did it. My money is on Northumberland Heath’s village idiot. Bonkers Philip Read.

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