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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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19 March (Part 1) - Update on Carole’s struggle to get her children to school

This week has gone quite well because the B11 bus drivers have been helpful, friendly even on a couple of occasions. One even waited a few seconds when Carole found herself short of the bus stop and unable to run. The word may be spreading.

Councillor Fuller emailed a two line report including that he “had a meeting with the Bexley borough’s representative on the London Assembly and have forwarded your email re the events on the local buses and how TFL have not replied to you”. That’s James Cleverly I presume so that means the problem has now got back to the stage it should have reached more than a month ago when a complaint was misdirected to Greenwich’s representative.

Has there been any attempt to improve things closer to home, like the unhelpful attitude of the school or an approach to councillor Davey the school governor? If there has been nothing has been said. Maybe next time? And maybe that email will address Carole by her real name and not somebody else’s. (There’s a bit of a trap there because by agreement I’m not using her real name either!)


Speaking of updates, Jo, who reported Craske’s ridiculous ticketing operation down at Blackfen five months ago, has told me that she has finally beaten Bexley council into submission and it has agreed she committed no offence. Will they now be going back over their records to refund all the other motorists wrongly penalised?


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