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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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30 March - Councillor Michael Tarrant, Stalinist tyrant - click image to provide evidence of who owns your rubbish

Councillor Michael TarrantCouncillor Tarrant (East Wickham, £9,543) has gone on the record to say he often reports dumped rubbish left lying in the street; if only my own councillors were so conscientious. Not far from where I live, black bags are still the order of the day and come Friday morning the pavements are usually strewn with rubbish. Even closer to home the communal recycling bins are regularly forced open and stuff that should never go in them displaces legitimately recycled items on to the ground. Some of it could be mine though I’m not silly enough to leave identifying marks on any of it as even though I recycle correctly there is no knowing where it might end up. Before my retirement my employer had his paper waste collected daily by a private company and once a small part of it was found in the street and the council got interested, but it could only have fallen or blown from the collector’s truck.

Not so long ago I knocked on a door to ask if I could take some ‘rubbish’ that was lying in someone’s front garden but when I examined the item that had caught my eye I found a vital component had been stripped off and was missing. I was told I might find it in the next street because the one-time owner had distributed all the small items at dead of night into unlocked bins in a couple of nearby streets. There is no telling under the current system of refuse collection where rubbish has come from or gone to.

When councillor Craske, not known for his democratic tendencies, issues fines to motorists he can at least claim to back up his actions with photographic evidence - and if he can’t there is an appeals procedure, but Michael the Moron says it is not akin to “living in a communist state” to issue fines on the basis of a scrap of paper which anyone could have planted. Of course it is disgusting that people dump rubbish on the street but it’s not an excuse to suspend justice. Taking action against the population based on whispers, plants and false accusations is exactly what Communist states did and for Bexley council to issue a fine because it believes a scrap of paper could end up away from home only because its owner put it there is very like the action of a Stalinist dictator. The police couldn’t bring a charge on such flimsy evidence, why does this moron Tarrant think he can?

If you click on councillor Tyrant’s image you can get a sheet of addresses to print (rtf format). Tear them off one at a time and put them in your bags of rubbish. You can incriminate anyone you like; my address is in the phone book. A small slip of paper is a positive ID for whoever is responsible for a rubbish bag; Michael the Moron said so.


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