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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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5 May (Part 1) - Piling on the pressure

It is a ‘slow news day’. We need some Apache attack helicopters over the Civic Centre, a man with a score to settle and some well directed barbs at anyone who might ever have worn a white nightie. That would keep things lively for days on end as the survivors argued that entering the mayor’s parlour with a video camera strapped to a hat is contrary to their hastily cobbled together constitution. But if there is a man to do such a deed it must be the fearless Olly Cromwell who is never short of ammunition to spray at any likely looking target.

My idea of excitement for today was to write to Chris Loynes, the council’s Head of Democratic Services, to ask him for the home addresses of all the elected councillors to publish on this site the moment the first resident’s address is posted on the council’s website for having the temerity to ask the council a question. It is perhaps a nasty trick but what else can you do when the council votes to be nasty to residents? I was going to ask Mr. Loynes nicely but point out that if he didn’t play ball I would have to FOI their Consent to Nomination Forms which he couldn’t refuse; but my plans were derailed. An early morning email came from someone who had noticed the earlier reference to my address plan and thought he would help out by putting in a suitable Freedom of Information request.

FOI’s are a useful tool. Ever since the council implied I was a racist when I asked why they spent so much money on foreign language translations rather than helping people learn English I’ve been curious about the cost. I get the impression that there is a lot less emphasis on translating council documents than there used to be but even so it cost £79,000 in the last 12 months.

The Notomob seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves in Bexley and weren’t happy to see that a mob helper from Sidcup had been reported to plod for the non-crime of standing on the pavement. One of their leading members, Nigel Wise who beat Richmond council to a pulp over their gestapo wagons, decided to send councillor Craske an email…

• As it was not a police matter why did someone from Bexley Council cause police time to be wasted on visiting a man who was not committing any offence?
• Was it you who asked The Police to waste their time? If it was not yourself please advise me who was responsible.
• Mr. Peaple was actually assisting the local authority in their obligation made plain by the Secretary of State to advertise adequately the presence of CCTV enforcement. It is clear that Bexley Parking Personnel are unaware of these obligations. Please retrain all Parking Staff accordingly.
• Who in the council persuaded the police that the operation of CPE was for revenue raising and not the prevention and avoidance of wrongful parking.
• There clearly ought to be a vacancy after that council officer is sacked. Was this yourself?
• If it was not yourself then please advise me who it was. I look forward to receiving your reply giving answers to the above questions. Your failure to reply will result in my contacting he Chief Executive at Bexley for an Official Complaint to be launched. This will firstly be into why you have not responded to a mail from a member of the public and secondly to look into your involvement in this disgusting episode.

The pressure on Bexley council is relentless and so it should be while they insist on behaving like part of a police state. The News Shopper’s report has just become available on their website.. The Daily Mail has said they may cover Craske’s stupidity next Saturday and The Notomob have planned a special treat for Bexley council to show support for Mr. Peaple. Watch this space.


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