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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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7 May (Part 1) - Feeding the fuzz and feedback’s a buzz

Holly Tree Parade, SidcupI was going to take the day off today but someone suggested that there would be no way of confirming that Bexley council hadn’t had me carted off to a police cell for exposing some of their trickery and idiocy. Mind you, they are pretty good at doing the latter for themselves. Who but an idiot with Stalinist tendencies would ask the police to take action on something that is not a crime? The Notomob have liaised with the Met. police at high level and been assured that warning motorists there is a CCTV car in the vicinity is not a crime. The picture shows the scene of the ‘non-crime’ which recently hit the headlines.

So why did Bexley’s police do the council’s bidding? I suggested it was because they were in in each others pockets and an email asked me if it was wise to say that. Nothing you read here is without foundation and that remark was given some thought. If you had access to the papers that went between the council and the police after Ian Clement, the ex-council leader, was accused of misusing his Bexley council credit card you would know how evidence can mysteriously fail to reach the Crown Prosecution Service so as to imply ‘no crime’. When that came to light the CPS acknowledged there was a problem but no one got into trouble for it. Isn’t that enough to justify the remark? Do I need to add that Clement’s council credit card paid for the then Bexley police commander’s dinner?

Email comment is always nice to have, maybe I would change my tune if it wasn’t complimentary, but - tempting fate - it never is. Here’s some from the past couple of weeks…

Keep up the great work.
Love your site.
Bexley-is-Bonkers! is the first and only lighthouse for people who are up against the council’s dirty tactics.
I am disgusted by Bexley council.
You give a voice where it was taken away and that is a huge reassurance.
I hate Bexley council with all my heart.
I wish you the best of luck in fighting the corrupt and bureaucratic swine.
As an employee of Bexley council I follow your site and enjoy it.
What a great site.
I’ve been through s**t with Bexley council and now I feel empowered knowing that they are being closely monitored.
Bravo! Keep up the good work!
Just the sort of website I would have been proud of writing myself!

That is quite enough for now. I plan to be back tomorrow with another report on Bexley council raising drawbridges to deter the inquisitive.


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