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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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13 May (Part 1) - Bexley Conservatives. They just can’t stop lying

It’s not long since Bexley Conservative’s website included the most outrageous lies about Labour councillors Newman and O’Neill, now they are at it again. On 11th May the Bexley Conservatives, Putting Bexley First site was updated to include, “Teresa O’Neill, Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Council, said: Bexley now has one of the lowest council tax rates per household in outer London”. Didn’t seem right to me. Almost every year I’ve lived in Bexley I have watched councils of every colour put up local taxes more than other boroughs; The rates may have been almost the lowest 25 years ago but all those above average tax rises must have taken their toll. How come we are still “one of the lowest”? I couldn’t find a London Borough tax league table on line so I had to make my own. There are 32 London boroughs and Bexley ranks 24th on that list. Among the outer boroughs Bexley is not “one of the lowest”, it just escapes being in the bottom third. Council leader Teresa O’Neill’s top priority seems to be deception and when she makes a political statement you can be pretty damn sure it won’t be true.


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