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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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16 May (Part 2) - Arts and farts

I’m not ashamed to say that I do occasionally swap information with Olly Cromwell who runs that other thorn in Bexley council’s side, the You’ve Been Cromwelled blog. He’s covered the Arts Council of Bexley website today as I did yesterday. Olly told me of their broken website at the end of last week though I had spotted the problem a week earlier when doing a Google search for ‘Bexley council’ to make sure Bonkers was retaining its high position. I noticed that the Arts Council’s Google position had dropped and saw the reason why but I didn’t think it was a big story and I still don’t. It is perhaps a small insight into how Bexley Conservatives operate but in the lying and cheating stakes it barely gets off the starting block.

Olly however has a far more suspicious mind than me and is prepared to put two and two together and risk occasionally making five. Olly’s blog will tell you how much tax payers’ money is being sucked up by The Arts Council of Bexley and who is implicated in the sucking. Whether his speculation is valid or not it’s yet another case of a Bexley councillor just happening to be in the right place to attract council cash. I prefer to think that every last one of them must be coincidence, but as you will have noted I always give Bexley council the benefit of any doubt. Definitely a boring old fart.

But Olly knows how to inject a bit of excitement into things. Go and read his blog, you know you want to.


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