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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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21 May - No blog today

Well not much of one anyway because I am working on other pages. There is a new one on the Fraser Road parking problems mentioned in the blog of 10th May. Blogs tend to disappear from view,so the Fraser Road issue has been given its own entry on the main site menus, there are new photos and the text is revised and extended.

I am also revising the list of councillors and their allowances to account for the musical chairs played last Wednesday. It’s not finished yet but you may visit it to see how I am getting on. Councillors’ addresses will appear on that page before very long. The list of outstanding Freedom of Information requests has been updated too. Those outstanding more than 20 days in contravention of the legal requirement will be notified to the Information Commissioner next week.

My Subject Access Request to Bexley council in respect of the Harassment Letter that they persuaded the police to issue is, I hope, progressing. The council is charged with providing me with every last bit of detail they have on me. If the Subject Access Request doesn’t reveal who was responsible for the Harassment Letter that will be another one for the Information Commissioner.

Big Brother Watch has returned to Bexley council again this week with a video of the Notomob. Our beloved council has become expert at scoring own goals and Bonkers’ photos are getting everywhere! Put Bexley council into Google and after the council’s own site for which they pay for top entry you get several pages of sites devoted to criticising the rotten borough. Currently Olly Cromwell’s site has displaced Bonkers from the top spot and he has certainly been a busy boy in the last few days. There’s another good blog on Bexley council at “Old Holborn” too. Definitely worth a read if only for the description of me as “an elderly gent”.

Last Wednesday’s News Shopper must have been hard up for a front page. “Councillors voted blind”; a story dating back to 26th April and reported here the following day. What the Shopper says is entirely true. The public was kicked out of the meeting for ten minutes to allow councillors to ask questions while mere mortals were kept in the dark and when we went back into the chamber several councillors told the Bonkers Team they had been refused answers to all their financial questions. So the cretinous Conservatives voted for taking over the Woolwich building without having a clue if selling off the Civic Offices site would raise a decent amount of money. The more I think about it the more I am inclined to think a purpose built new building should have received more consideration. The Woolwich is always going to be a bodge, is acknowledged to have a shorter life than a new building and doesn’t look big enough. Indeed it isn’t big enough, it will need an extension.

Richard Edwards, erstwhile manager of Bexley council’s Thames Innovation Centre and instrumental in the sacking of the TIC whistleblower, pleaded guilty to a charge of paedophilia at Woolwich Crown Court last week. Edwards faced ten charges and received sentences of between one and six months in jail for each of them, to run concurrently. The man who confirmed that the whistleblower should be sacked, councillor Colin Campbell, is our new deputy council leader. Nice to know what sort of people we have in charge of the borough.


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