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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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23 May (Part 2) - Another hypocrite. Bexley council is full of ’em!

I’m a bit sensitive to dustbin stories at the moment having had the entire contents of mine stolen last Thursday night. With Stalinists like councillor Tarrant around you can’t be sure what revenge the council might be planning on me. A couple of months ago Bexley council fined Mrs. Willoughby of Sidcup when her rubbish was mysteriously removed from her unlocked bin and dumped in a nearby road with no evidence that she was responsible. It’s a trick anyone can play on any other resident they may have taken a dislike to and unless caught in that act the council will never know who was responsible. It doesn’t stop our local Stalin, councillor Michael Tarrant, jumping to expensive conclusions though.

News Shopper headline of 30th March 2011On 30th March he wrote to the News Shopper complaining about Mrs. Willoughby’s assertion that Bexley was like “a Communist State”. Few would disagree with her. The News Shopper gave Tarrant’s letter ‘Star’ status which attracts a £10 prize. He entirely missed the point by wittering on about deliberate dumping; he said nothing about the council’s bins being unlockable and open to anyone with mischief in mind. He has no answer to that. Councillor Tarrant did not declare his ‘Star Letter’ windfall in the register of members’ interests as he should have done. Anyone up for reporting him to Bexley council’s Standards Board?

Councillor Michael TarrantI’ve had two phone calls since writing about my stolen rubbish, one to the effect that I should be worried about council criminals with malice in mind and the other from Carol of East Wickham. Carol has been issued with a £60 fine and an £80 removal charge because someone took a bag from her bin and put it in the litter bin at the end of her road. She is threatened with prosecution and dire consequences if she doesn’t pay up for a crime she didn’t commit.

Some of the rubbish she is alleged to have taken from her own bin and placed elsewhere is hers but some isn’t. Carol phoned her councillor to complain and tell him what she plans to do about the council’s unproven allegation. He was sympathetic to her plight and asked to be kept informed of “how she got on”. Nice of him you might think, but the councillor in question was none other than the Stalinist hypocrite councillor Michael George Tarrant.

Campaigning women on the phone can be bad news for Bexley council, it was one such example that led to Notomob coming to town.


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