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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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26 May (Part 4) - Pick-pocketing Peter panned - click image for readable extract of Craske’s announcement

The original announcementIt’s always nice to get a flurry of responses within an hour or two of posting something new on the site. Not so nice perhaps when they are saying you have made a big boo-boo. Apparently I am too kind on King Craske by far; I failed to draw attention to his little bit of law breaking. I am increasing revenues “to help protect key universal services like adult social care, collecting waste and repairing roads from the spending reductions” said the purple faced one. Paying for waste collection with parking fee profits? Naughty naughty Peter, have you never read the Traffic Management Acts? Adult social care and collecting waste aren’t on the list of things that you can spend your parking profits on.

I expect you will want to amend your words so as not to give your greedy little game away. Go ahead, please do. I’ve preserved the evidence here.

No doubt the price increases will have the desired effect on traders as shoppers drive to Blue Water for free parking. The news media seems to think so.


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