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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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30 May (Part 1) - Total Whitening or total BS?

Colgate toothpasteWhen you see a letter in the paper praising Bexley council it is unusual, it may be unprecedented. When it speaks of the council as “We” it’s suspicious. When a letter refers to statistics based on the Constitution of every borough in London it looks like an inside job. When a council leader you can’t trust will only say she has had “a number of exchanges with J. Colegate” but then goes all coy it looks like it’s worth digging further. So we did.

It can be confirmed that a J. Colegate, a Mrs. J. Colegate actually, has a close relationship with Bexley council, the mayor etc. We know the first name, the name of the man she married, her children’s names, address, the lot. There is an outside chance it’s the wrong family, but Colegate is not that common a name. Nevertheless I won’t publish the details while there is a scintilla of doubt, but councillors who can publish outright lies on their political website, distort the truth beyond recognition in The Bexleyheath Chronicle, usurp the Arts Council for political purposes, dishonestly announce Bexley’s council tax as one of the the lowest in London when it stands at 24th out of 32, victimise individual residents whether they be campaigning allotment holders, elderly ladies who’ve had their refuse bins vandalised, shopkeepers with placards or bloggers who know too much, are certainly not above planting a factually inaccurate letter praising themselves in a newspaper.


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