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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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30 May (Part 3) - Somebody thinks Bonkers is racist

Someone called Oliver Stuart has sent FOIs to Bexley council (and for some inexplicable reason to Havering, Lambeth and Barking & Dagenham too) asking about the number of questions I have asked of the council since 2006 (six to Bexley if memory serves correctly) and how many FOI requests I have made (none). Mr. Stuart seems to have a problem with racism as his questions all ask how many questions and FOIs have been rejected for reasons of racism. The man must be an idiot, where have you ever seen a hint of racism on this site?

Oliver Stuart is a serial FOI requester, he has made 14 requests to seven London Boroughs in the last week alone.

With luck Bexley council will reject his question on questions because all the information is available on their website. I’ll add his FOIs to my FOI list anyway.


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