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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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9 November (Part 1) - Never forget

Bexley council's hate blog A houseOne man posted a picture of a councillor’s house on Twitter and was locked in a police cell for 7½ hours, charged with harassment by Bexleyheath police and now faces six months in jail.

Another man, a councillor, if the tittle-tattle in Bexley Civic Centre is correct, posted an obscene, hateful, homophobic, libellous blog which attempted to impersonate a Bexley resident and the police say it is not in the public interest to say anything whatever about the case. Bexley council drops the police further into the mire by saying that the police didn't carry out any investigation that they are aware of.

Teresa O'Neill Borogh Commander StringerThis woman is Boris Johnson’s chosen envoy to the Outer London Boroughs. This woman is the best Boris can find to spread the word about good practice in our town halls. Hands up those who believe she heads a totally corrupt council which commits criminal acts and provides support and shelter to criminals?

This man takes legal action against a Twitterer who according to the charge sheet has harassed councillor Melvin Seymour by exhibiting a picture of Seymour’s business premises. This man is head of a force which told the victims of the salacious blog, their two MPs, one the Minister for Justice, that he has “vigorously investigated” the crime which, there can’t be much doubt, was committed by Bexley council. The file has been marked RESTRICTED and under FOI it is claimed that it is not in the public interest to reveal any part of the outcome of the investigation, not even the date on which this man’s officers claim to have made enquiries at Bexley council. The Chief Executive of Bexley council says he is not even aware this man or any other police officer carried out an investigation. This man currently has clearly stated he doesn’t know whether an investigation is going on or not despite reassuring messages being sent to the Minister of Justice. Hands up those who think that this man is unfit to be a police officer and gives every impression that he has been attempting to pervert the course of justice?


Bexley TimesThe observant will have noticed that all reference to councillor Sandra Bauer has been dropped from today’s report. This is because I now know exactly what has been said (written) by whom in this case and it has resulted in my assumption, for now at least, that Ms. Bauer is just an innocent at large, unaware of street language and for example, when hearing a man has been arrested for smoking s··t looks suspiciously at her dog thinking it might be his supplier.

Councillor Bauer would be best served if she returned to her Thamesmead East ward and attended to the problems down there. According to Save the Children, reported in last week’s Bexley Times, Thamesmead East is notorious for its level of child poverty.


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