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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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11 November (Part 4) - Pitching in with flaming lies

When I saw Olly Cromwell after his appearance before the beak I was briefly able to glimpse some of his papers. I wasn’t sure how much I could reveal here, I wasn’t even sure Olly had noticed me being nosey, but he has just revealed on Twitter something I saw on Monday. The police predicted he was going to plead Guilty. Is their judgment really that bad? How often do people plead Guilty to things they haven’t done? But to give them the benefit of the doubt, I don’t suppose they realised just how many of Bexley council’s accusations are false.

One I noticed; I hoped my scribbled note was correct, was that he is supposed to have said “Personally I think we need to descend on Councillor Teresa O’Neill with flaming torches and pitchforks as it would seem that she and her scheming cohorts are impervious to reasoned argument”. It may be typical of Olly’s jokey outbursts but the language is not his. ‘Impervious’, I don’t think so. It’s all so very polite with no grammatical errors. What’s more, Olly’s idea of F’ing and C’ing is not usually ‘flaming’ and ‘cohorts’. It looks like something Bexley council made up. But maybe not and it seems my memory of the phrase was spot on. Look what I found on Google!

Pitchforks quoteDo you think this is a bit like when Tony Blair made up that dossier to justify him invading Iraq? The one where it was alleged he pinched great chunks of it from a student’s thesis?

Who knows? Anything is possible when Bexley council is boxed into a tight corner. Wish I could remember where I got that clip from, I am getting very sloppy but pleased Olly is in the clear again.


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