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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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12 November (Part 2) - Bexleyheath police - not acting in the public interest

Police sloganElwyn Bryant asked Borough Commander Stringer about the (obscene blog) crime committed against him. Stringer passed it to his side-kick Williams. Yesterday, three weeks later, Williams told Elwyn that it wasn’t in the public interest to answer his enquiry. Same answer as I got a few weeks ago after submitting a Freedom of Information request. At least it tells us, as if we didn’t know, that something rather nasty is being covered up.

As more and more things trickle into my hands about Olly’s case it becomes obvious that the police have muddled up three blogs and can’t tell one from t’other. But they reveal rather more than that. The police are dismissive about Elwyn’s and my own crime reports following Bexley council’s obscene blogging, labelling it a mere “counter allegation” against the Harassment warnings. How can that be? A warning is only a warning and a real live hateful crime by someone else a month later is a separate issue. It has to be reported, it should have been taken seriously. Oops, it was, the police wrote to say it was a “vigorous investigation”. The truth appears to have been rather different.

Elwyn wasn’t even involved in any Harassment issue. Are Bexleyheath police stupid or corrupt? I note that I am specifically named as “a suspect” in a report covering the sham investigation into Bexley’s obscene blog. Why is that investigation, sham or not, included in a case against Olly?

Council leader Teresa O’Neill is recorded by Bexleyheath police as naming me as “the owner of the website Bexley-is-Bonkers” and going on to complain that I “regularly make comments about democracy, the Government, the council and in particular Teresa O’Neill”. Make comments!! Has it become a crime in the police state of Bexley? For the record I doubt I ever made adverse comments about the Government. I indicated I regretted voting Conservative but that is about as far as it went.

The police reports are a total shambles which muddle everything and put signatures to documents which include statements I know to be false. In Court it was Bonkers that was constantly mentioned, not Cromwelled and with the papers in a total mess you can see why. These policemen truly are cretins or bent, I’m not sure which. A barrister is going to have a field day with such incompetence.

Thank you councillor Seymour for opening the flood gates to all this information on your council’s hate crime; until you decided to step in progress had been much more difficult.


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