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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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17 November (Part 2) - Coincidences and lies?

Google Blogspots
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Boris and James HuntThose of you who looked at the obscene blog may have noticed that it was published at ’blogspot’; Google by any other name. Google’s rules are rather lax, they don’t much care who publishes what, but they do have rules on impersonation. It’s strictly forbidden. I have no idea how many blogspots are impersonations but I did come across another the other day; The Adventures of Jasper. Jasper is a dog. Not any old dog, he is Bexley councillor James Hunt’s dog. Probably he hasn’t complained of impersonation to Google. How lucky that he has a ‘Master’ so skilled at Blogspotting and able to write as if he were a dog.

Read the obscene blog again, if you can bring yourself to do so. Then read Jasper’s blog. (Click on the right hand of the composite image above.) Got any thoughts on the similarity of style? Yes I thought that too.

Returning to Chief Superintendent Stringer’s failed investigation of this crime I feel it is worth bringing to your attention something that may not have been much mentioned before. Both Elwyn Bryant’s MP and my own, Teresa Pearce, have been very helpful to us. In mid-July both agreed to ask Commander Stringer how things were progressing. Three weeks later there had been no reply and I was told that Stringer had been “prodded”. At the same time Elwyn’s MP, James Brokenshire, told mine that he had “been assured it is being investigated”. On 10 August, I, my MP and presumably Mr. Brokenshire too, received near identical letters from Commander Stringer. He said to Teresa Pearce, “I am very sorry that this investigation has been very lengthy but unfortunately these matters do take time. Enquiries are still ongoing”.

Police statement
So what should we make of that? Will Tuckley says he is not aware of any police investigation, Chief Superintendent Stringer says that enquiries are still ongoing when he writes on 10th August, but according to a signed statement by the policeman who laid the charges against Olly Cromwell, the enquiries were abandoned after he visited Will Tuckley on 7th July.

What sort of Chief Executive sits through a meeting with Detective Chief Inspector Alison Funnell and is unaware of it and goes on to say so in a Freedom of Information request? What sort of Chief Superintendent tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the Minister for Crime and Security?

Councillor Seymour has done us all an enormous favour hasn’t he?

Councillor James Hunt’s blog with links to Jasper’s blog. Screen grab Jasper’s blog quick before it disappears. I have.
The three paragraphs of the police report are extracts from the same document. Apologies for the bad grammar and the rather obvious omission of a ‘not’.
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