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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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25 November (Part 1) - Your say - Guest blog written by a reader

Phone a fib

I would not know what shopkeepers think about the phone parking arrangements but the residents of Townley Road are delighted. Apart from Sundays there are now only ever one or two cars parked in the road making it much easier to access properties. Thanks Bexley council but the telephone scheme cannot be doing much for Craske’s money pit since even the one or two which do park generally have disabled permits.

The Black Horse

Bexley Council has a long history of quietly agreeing significant changes with developers after initial approval. An example of this was ASDA Bexleyheath. Residents were promised and initial approval was given on the basis of drawings which showed a red brick facade generally in keeping with other buildings in the area. When the scaffolding and plastic sheeting was finally removed, residents were appalled by the black glass monstrosity which now stands. There were many complaints and many residents still boycott the store. The response was merely that the council had approved the change. Whether the council received any consideration in lieu to approve the change or brown envelopes changed hands I would not know.

The houses of Townley Road have off road parking, those in Oaklands Road which joins it are not so fortunate. When the petitioners went down that road the residents were furious at having to use Craske’s phone parking system.

Craske has again been bragging in this week’s News Shopper that Bexley has more car parking facilities and is cheaper than any other South East London borough. To help him realise how wrong that is a table of charges in adjacent boroughs has been provided. Unless you insist on parking next to the Cutty Sark or the Maritime Museum in Greenwich nowhere is more expensive than Bexley, only Bexley provides no free parking at all and as for Bexley having most spaces… is he completely stupid too? List of Craske’s lies.


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