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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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27 November (Part 1) -

Bexley's website imroved?As you might guess I am a frequent visitor to Bexley’s equivalent of the Hampton Court Maze, the council website, and when I need to compare it with the sites provided by other local authorities I am usually struck by how ugly and difficult to use it is. I produced some screen shots of Bexley’s site misbehaving last month and this week while researching the car park charges in Bexley and adjacent boroughs I saw the announcement that Bexley’s site has been improved “to enhance the overall viewing experience for visitors”. It is true that the alphabetic index no longer disappears entirely on small screens but I didn’t regard that an improvement because when I clicked on ‘P’ for parking charges nothing happened. Then after a long delay I was presented with ‘Page not found’. Other letters were the same. It was still happening early this morning but now appears to be fixed.

Something else that needs to be fixed is that clicking on the council’s logo does not link back to the Home page. Surely that is pretty much standard practice on every commercial and local authority website? You may also notice that Bexley council is allowing advertising to clutter up its pages. I don’t mean to brag but my screen is 2,400 pixels wide (two 1920x1200 screens side by side in portrait mode) and unless I drag my window out to around 2,000 pixels the adverts remain stubbornly partially off the screen. Bexley seem to be quite good at indecent blogging but not quite up to designing a decent ‘overall viewing experience for visitors’.
Lost adverts
For Bexley’s ‘webteam’. As you will see, half the advert and the all important Buy Now button is lost beyond the right hand margin using Internet Explorer. Firefox and Chrome OK.


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