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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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9 October (Part 2) - The petition rolls on

Eric Pickles and Teresa O'NeillThe chaps who have been gathering signatures began their task in Brampton Ward because it is ‘home’ to council leader Teresa O’Neill who has many times gone on the record to say what wonderful value the council’s top brass is. Now we know that her next door neighbours do not agree; virtually everyone in the nearby streets do not agree but what wasn’t so clear is whether the poshest areas of Bexley would say the same. Following the encounter with Bexley’s rudest councillor last Thursday the petitioners decided to give some attention to the Millionaires’ Rows to the south of the borough and where better to start than councillor Downing’s Steynton Avenue? Far from being a difficult patch as half expected the success rate was as high as ever and the 2,000 signature petition is now three quarters complete. There was a refusal from a Porsche polisher who lives next door to a councillor but the man in Camden Road opposite councillor Campbell (who, unlike Downing, was quite good humoured about not signing but decided he had to rush off in his Merc somewhere) was far more typical. “I earn more than that. The difference is I have to work for mine and if I make any mistakes I’m out on my ear. Gimme that; let me sign it.”

Nobody likes Bexley council except perhaps Eric who might give a green light to the gravy train in return for having his Pickles squeezed by Teresa O’Neill.


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