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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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11 October (Part 1) - Bexleyheath Police Farce

Chief Inspector StringerWhen the police said that their enquiries into Bexley council’s obscene blog were exhausted I thought it was more than likely that they had sat on their hands for a decent period and then given their stock ‘let’s look after Bexley council’ reply and so I dashed off my first ever Freedom of Information request. It asked a few technical questions about what had been done and the dates on which anything might have been done. The FOI was at first rejected on the grounds the questions were “personal” but after some argument they were accepted. There has been no response and the answers are now a week overdue. Another indication of police corruption?

A friend who visited an exhibition of police history a couple of weeks ago found that the City of London police were one of many exhibitors. He posed the obscene blog question to a senior officer there and asked if it was a particularly difficult crime to solve. “Oh no”, came the answer. “We have a special understanding with Google, that’s an easy one.”

Last week a solicitor contacted me and suggested an interesting legal route towards forcing the police to come clean. Maybe it would be worth a try.


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