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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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20 October (Part 1) - ‘Notomobe?’ Can’t the BBC get anything right?

Notomob and BBC in SidcupNotomob and scamera car in SidcupIf you missed last night’s One Show and plan to catch it on i-Player later, then don’t bother. Although Bexley people will recognise that a lot of the street scenes were Bexley, along with the Dom Littlewood interview and talk to camera inserts, I don’t think the word Bexley passed anyone’s lips. Notomob got a little publicity but would anyone have understood what they are all about afterwards? I doubt it.

The BBC sent a production crew from Cardiff for this event, four people in total, who spent the whole day working on the project and when I left late morning they were talking about getting an interview at the Civic Centre “for balance”, but for that they finished up in Medway. The main event, an interview with Notomob member ‘esinem’ could have been filmed anywhere. Maybe the whisper that came down from the BBC that Bexley council planned to use their favoured Harassment attack on them had a greater effect than was initially admitted.

Photos by Martin Peaple. The BBC reports on the origins of the Notomob’s V for Vendetta mask here.

‘Notomobe’ : The BBC’s politically correct pronunciation of Notomob.


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