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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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25 October - Bexley council, splashing your cash again

Flackley Ash Hotel Flackley Ash Hotel Flackley Ash HotelAt a time when record numbers of people are losing their jobs, with prices going up faster than many people can remember and Bexley council’s parking charges up by anything between 20% and infinity (24/7 charges introduced), we can at least rest assured that their top brass are continuing to enjoy their little luxuries. It may not be councillor Campbell’s idea of luxury if he had to put up with a candlewick bedspread like he did last year, but most people wouldn't complain about a freebie or subsidised weekend at the Flackley Ash Hotel. Yes, it seems from reports that they have done it again. Bexley’s golden boys, and I assume the cabinet too, have taken themselves off for another little beano to the Flackley Ash.

Last year Bexley council misled the local press about the date of their visit and claimed they had paid for it out of their own pockets. Enquiries revealed that at best cabinet members paid for only two thirds of the bill and then claimed it back again via their £90.25 a night subsistence allowance. They refused to give a simple truthful statement about the need for council business to be conducted in plush surroundings and the truth of the matter was still being prised out of them as recently as last July; nine months after their little bit of indulgence at tax payers’ expense. Now it seems they have done it all over again.

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